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The most important thing you can do to help this snake is to contact the US Fish and Wildlife Service on its behalf. Let them know the Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake is a priority to you and your community. Without your voice, this snake will continue to be overlooked and will likely go extinct. Getting the TS-nS listed on the Endangered Species Act will protect vital habitat for more than just this one subspecies of snake. Countless other species inhabit and rely upon this same 35 mile-wide wildlife corridor in south-central Arizona. As concious minded individuals we rely on your help and enthusiasm to support the cause of not only of the Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake but of the diversity of life on our planet.

Click this link to send the USFWS a quick message.

Save the Shovel-nosed

Join the Cause Save the Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake and help us as we work to raise awareness and funding. All donations will go directly to the Center for Biological Diversity, CBD drafted the original petition to protect the TS-nS, and continue litigation on its behalf.

Save the Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake